We in Canada wonder if we are qualified for the same kinds of “court lottery” payouts as our southern neighbours when we watch their court spectacle.

The legal system in Canada is very different from that in the United States. For example, a cap, or maximum amount, may be awarded as compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident. Usually, individuals who have had severe injuries are the ones who receive more significant settlements or awards for damages.

The majority of victims of car accidents have a right to financial compensation. In Ontario, you are often qualified to obtain expected vehicle accident compensation regardless of who was at fault.

Any settlement or benefit offer should be carefully studied because the ramifications of a motor vehicle accident aren’t often obvious right away. Although it could take some time to reach a fair settlement, keep in mind that there might also be application deadlines or restriction periods that apply.

You may feel more assured while negotiating with or accepting an offer from your insurance carrier if you know the settlement procedure and the compensation to which you are entitled.

How long does it take to process an insurance claim?
First, a friendly reminder that you have 24 hours to call the police after an automobile collision if someone is hurt or there is more than $2,000 in damage.

Following is a timeline for the claims process:

To comply with the duty to notify the insurer of any injuries within seven days of the accident or as soon as practically practicable beyond that, you should report the damage to your insurance company as soon as you can.

Your insurance provider will give you an Accident Benefits Application Package once you initially report a claim for accident benefits to them. You have 30 days to complete and send back this packet. Before returning your application, remember to make and save a duplicate for your records.

After reviewing your application, the insurance provider will contact you to discuss the benefits to which you are entitled. Within ten days, the insurer must advise you of any concerns, additional requirements, or information gaps.

You should seek legal counsel if you have any queries or worries during this procedure.